Best Charity Auction Auctioneers

Charity Auctions are a big part of charity fundraising and one way to assure the success of your event is to hire a charity auctioneer–who are also called Benefit Auctioneers. is the first comprehensive directory of auctioneers who are focused on fundraising events.  All auctioneers are not the same!  By making charity fundraising an auctioneer’s specialty, they are committed to working in the types of charity events and working with the types of bidders that make up your events.

We welcome your feedback!  If you have a less than ideal experience with one of the listed auctioneers, please let us know!  If there are auctioneers that you think should be on this list, please also let us know. We have also provided a number of links to resources to help you get the most from your fundraising efforts.